Uber integrates “Custom Snapchat filters”.Book Uber to a Friend

Uber integrates with Snapchat.

Further to that, Now No more UBER to Coloba,Mumbai , you can now 

Book UBER to a FRIEND:

Uber was always known for its expansion & being a market leader. Now,Uber has launched some cool feature, if you are someone to try new stuffs, you call it a cool feature. If you are particular about your privacy. You will hate them for yet another reason. But,they are least bothered about those who make noise about the privacy issues.

Watch the video to know more about Uber’s “Friend Locator”


Book UBER to a friend on latest update:

The team has mentioned that “location requests are “static,” and expire after half an hour. For non-Uber users, the company claims the requests disappear after the allotted time; For Uber users, the app will maintain records of where they went, but not who they sent the request to. The spokesperson added that a user must give his or her location every time.

Impact by UBER’s earlier Update:

Earlier this month, Uber rolled out an update that asked users for permission to access their GPS to track them even when they weren’t using the app. A few days later, it was hit with a lawsuit filed by a former employee who claimed that workers used the app to peep on celebrities and former lovers. The lawsuit was particularly troubling given that Uber claimed several years ago that it had already dealt with the problem. It could be a pre release done by UBER for getting the Friend locator out in the market. For this friend locator to function seamlessly, every UBER user would have to share his/her location. Hence this release before the latest update has come.

How does Book Uber to a Friend work?

  • Select the person in your contact list a
  • Book a ride to him/her.
  • Uber will send a notification to the person.
  • Your friend can now  provide his/her current location
  • Now, this will be set as a destination.

Uber texts that person about the plan, and after approval, it books a ride for the user based on the friend’s location. Uber anyway sends your friends your ETA even if you don’t Snap the picture to them.

So, let us now, if Book Uber to a Friend works good for you or is UBER more creepy than before?

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